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World brands, market leaders, small and medium-sized companies
at the same time in one place at
HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center.

in 2020 between 5-8 May


The MACH-TECH-INDUSTRY DAYS was held at the HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center between 14-17 May 2019, presented the operators of the various industry sectors, professional novelties, cost-effective industrial solutions and the latest spreadof Industry 4.0. The greatest industrial muster of the region grew with the same degree as the performance of the Hungarian industry over the last five years. This year, four pavilions hosted 562 exhibitors from 20 countries and over 18 thousand visitors attended the event. More: HERE


There was a huge deal of interest for the exhibitions, application forms were keeping coming in, not just from regular exhibitors, but numerous new companies have also informed the organizers of their participation. 562 companies from 20 countries  reserved a spot, including 100 individual 100% foreign sector operators.
In reaction to the success of the co-exhibitions, it has become necessary to distribute the various themes across the exhibition area and involve additional pavilion for the event. Therefore, this year, the exhibition featured in 4 pavilions (A, D, G and F), so as the visitors can get first-hand information and truly comprehensive overview of the current supply, opportunities and future developments of industrial sectors.
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The exhibitors presented a number of novelties, in order to show the visitors of INDUSTRY DAYS – MACH-TECH that there is no rest for them between two exhibitions as they are continuously developing their products and services. 
Click HERE for novelties!

We have again announced our GRAND PRIX competition for exhibitors in 2019, which can be entered by companies offering products, services, procedures or technology featuring some innovation or innovative content in their respective industrial segments.
The awards for the winners of the various categories were presented at the exhibition’s opening ceremony.
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  • Conference on Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence of Ministry for Innovation and Technology and Hungarian Industry 4.0 Platform - More: HERE
  • The Embassy of Cuba organize Business Forum, where more than 15  Cuban companies will participate in B2B negotiations. More: HERE
  • Linde Forklift Cup - more: HERE
  • Besides welding, robots can drive screws and pack palettes, too! KUKA Hungária Kft, the expert of orange robots presents the latest generation of robotic roller coasters. It is an automated and safe travel simulation with extraordinary movement combinations and maximum travel experience.
  • Shifting its focus from individual sheet metal working machines to Industry 4.0 this year, TRUMPF Hungary Kft presents its TruConnect Showcase application (sheet manufacturing system with flexible operation)

Still a highlighted theme - INDUSTRY 4.0

The event, which offers complex solutions for small, medium and large enterprises, again featured the highlighted theme INDUSTRY 4.0, a key technological trend of our era. Our exhibitors enjoyed a special attention when presenting the opportunities offered by INDUSTRY 4.0, with particular regard to the development trends lying in automation and industrial electronics, direct (M2M) communication between smart devices, self-adjusting production processes and an extremely efficient mass production.