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Grand Prix

In 2020 we will announced
the GRAND PRIX competition again
to our exhibitors!

According to our traditions on the INDUSTRY DAYS exhibition we reward the innovations judges best by a professonal jury with the GRAND PRIX in 2020 too. Any nominee has chance of the prize if it is a domestically distributed product, process, technical service which fits the theme of the exhibition. The applicant will be judged by noted professionals, whose knowledge and objectivity will make sure that the award will be given truly to the best.

What are the benefits of winning the GRAND AWARD?

¡     It directs attention onto your product

¡     Increases confidence in your product among the target group

¡     Helps customers make purchase choices

¡     Strengthens marketing activities

¡     Gives your product prestige, acknowledgement of the profession

¡    Grand award-winning products receive much greater attention during the trade fair – the awards are presented to the winners at the opening ceremony, winners are listed on the website of the fair, and the winning products are displayed in a separate stand.

More information soon...


Exhibitors of the INDUSTRY DAYS - MACH-TECH 2019 had the opportunity again to enter the product competition for GRAND AWARD in the categories of best products and most outstanding innovations that falls within one of the product groups of INDUSTRY DAYS - MACH-TECH 2019 is sold in Hungary!

Awarded companies in 2019


i   EPL-TECH Műszaki és Kereskedelmi Kft. - Hall "A" 206A

i   LINDE Gáz Magyarország Zrt. - Hall "D" 204B

i   M+E Szerszámgép Kereskedelmi Kft. - Hall "A" 211A

i   Optimum Hungária Kft. - Hall "A" 207B

i   TRUMPF Hungary Kft. - Hall "A" 204B

i   Varinex Informatikai Zrt. - Hall "G" 205BA

i   Wiha Werkzeuge GmbH (DE) - Hall "A" 311B

i   Balluff-Elektronika Kft. - Hall "G" 101E

i   Hoffmann Hungary Quality Tools Kft. - Hall "A" 307A

i   KUKA Hungária Kft. - Hall "G" 303A

i   Logi-Kom Logisztikai és Marketing Kft. - Hall "G" 304L-MA


i   Damat-Lubs Kenőanyag Nagy és Kiskereskedelmi Kft. - Hall "A" 310H

i   EPL-TECH Műszaki és Kereskedelmi Kft. - Hall "A" 206A

i   Fath Components Kft. - Hall "A" 106A

i   Hoffmann Hungary Quality Tools Kft. - Hall "A" 307A

i   KL-System Kft. - Hall "D" 204K

i   Meltrade Automatika Kft. - Hall "G" 101P

i   PMT Szerszámgép Kereskedelmi és Szervíz Kft. - Hall "A" 103E

i   Szerszám Technika Kft. - Hall "A" 312A

i   Varinex Informatikai Zrt. -  Hall "G" 205BA