General information

The events of HUNGEXPO Ltd. are organized in compliance with the current epidemiological and health regulations.

Opening hours

16-18 May 2023 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
19 May 2023 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Please note that dogs or any other animals cannot be admitted to the event area for health reasons. Thank you for your understanding!

Ticket prices

Daily ticket on site: 6400 HUF
Daily ticket in the webshop: 5800 HUF + 400 HUF service fee
Daily ticket in the HUNGEXPO APP: 5200 HUF + 400 HUF service fee

Admission is free after preliminiary professional registration.


HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center
H-1101 Budapest Albertirsai út 10.
Pedestrian entrance: Gate I. and III.

How to get there

By metro 2 (M2) to the “Örs vezér tér” and then by bus 10.
By tram no. 37 from the “Blaha Lujza tér” to “Kőbánya felső vasútállomás”
By car from “Kerepesi út” – from the direction of the city center


Tickets on the spot can be purchased with touch-to-pay bank cards or with HelloPay card.
If you do not have a touch-to-pay bank card, tickets can be purchased with a HelloPay card by following these steps:

1. Get a HelloPay card at a cashier

2. The HelloPay card can be used immediately to buy a ticket.

More: HERE

VAT invoice

Click HERE to register your need for a VAT invoice of the parking fee or the ticket purchase!
In the case of indoor parking, the last four digits of the credit card or the Hellopay card number and the date of parking must be entered.
Please remember to keep the receipt of your parking fee and your ticket. The deadline for requesting a VAT invoice is 14 days from the closing of the given event.


GOLD parking ticket
(GOLD parking area)
10000 HUF/day/car
With this service you can avoid traffic and enter the exhibition area out of line.

Parking ticket
(Internal parking area and Albertirsai street)
5000 HUF/car
10000 HUF/bus

Internal parking
The cashless payment system was introduced in the internal, barrier-free parking lots. The parking fee can be paid by contactless bank cards or Hellopay cards. PLEASE NOTE that upon exiting with your car the parking fee must be available to deduct from your card.

If you are parking on Albertirsai street, you must pay in advance at the parking area in cash.

VIP Card owners can use the internal sites and Albertirsai street parking sites during the opening hours. By the exit the barcode on the VIP Card is needed!

Disabled visitors can park their car in parking site on the marked area free of charge. From this point pavilions can be easily reached.

Electric car charger is available

Expo Bistro Restaurant, Grand Passage Restaurant and further buffet and restaurants.

ATM, if it is needed:
At the door no. 15 of Pavilion G on the Passage (OTP)

Press center:
Main Building