Programs 2024

  • Opening ceremony and presentation of the Grand Prix
  • Welding training, practical demonstrations
    • 7 May 2024, ECWRV Meeting, International Committee on Welding of Railway Rolling Stock (MHtE)
    • 8-9 May 2024, JoinTrans Conference “Welding and Manufacturing of Railway Vehicles” (MHtE
    • 8 May 2024, MAHEG Annual General Meeting 2024, MAHEG IIW Hungarian National Committee Meeting (MAHEG)
    • 9 May 2024, Hungarian Welding and Materials Testing Association General Assembly (MHtE)
    • 10 May 2024, Challenges in the design of welding instructions (MAHEG)
    • 10 May 2024, Design of Innovative Welded Structures (MAHEG)
  • Engineering Chamber Conferences and Professional Development (Budapesti és Pest Vármegyei Mérnöki Kamara)
    • venue: pavilion A, gallery A1, room 106
    • Tuesday, 7 May 2024 10.00-14.30
    • X. Conference on E-mobility in a different way, Mechanical, Energy, Transport Conference
      The event is closed to the public and is only open to pre-registration. Registration:
    • Wednesday, 8 May 2024 10.00 – 14.30
      Conference and Training in Electrical Engineering/Energy Engineering
      The event is closed for the public and can be visited only after pre-registration.
  • Presentation of the winning machines of the Hungarian Industrial Target Machine Grand Prix, meeting with participating companies, overview of this year’s competition.

Other planned programmes:

  • Automotive Supplier B2B Meeting (HIPA-MAGE-MAJOSZ)
  • High quality exhibitor presentations, workshops
  • Occupational safety conference and fashion show (U4 Advertising Agency)
  • Plastics Industry Conference (MMSZ)
  • Techtogether Automotive Hungary engineering competition (