In 2024, the Application Zone will once again enrich the program offering of the industrial co-exhibitions.

The ‘mini factory’ is nothing more than an imaginary semi-automatic production line, where we have combined the technologies of multiple companies so that our visitors can get acquainted with the production processes, and observe the products of the companies in action.

In the AppZone, visitors can meet professionals in automation, data visualization, metrology, marking technology, and packaging technology, along with their products.

Through digitalized manufacturing instructions, they can experience efficient manual assembly and in-process control processes. With data collection across the entire production line and real-time and historical data analysis, they can monitor the efficiency of the imaginary factory.

Participating exhibitors:

AMSY Jelöléstechnikai Kft.

B Consulting Kft.

Beckhoff Automation Kft.

DMG MORI Hungary Kft.

Hunify Laboratories Kft.

MOSCA Direct Hungary Kft.

Renishaw Hungary Kft.

Entering Application Zone:

Entering only at your own risk!